Healing Pain from the Inside Out

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Craniosacral Therapy involves releasing restrictions in the fascia and connective tissues of the body which may be contributing to symptoms such as pain. It also releases stress held in the body, such as emotional held tension and anxiety.  Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a big word and can be misleading. It can sound chiropractic or specific to techniques to treat the cranium and the sacrum. CST is so much more. Craniosacral therapy sets up the body’s self corrective healing mechanism. It improves not only physical symptoms such as pain, but also affects the nervous system improving  focus,  balance and  harmony  within.

Held emotional issues can wreak havoc over time in the system. There can be exhaustion, lack of focus, short temperedness, overwhelm. As the body comes to peace and the voice has the opportunity to express and be witnessed, healing often results beyond expectation.

The inner wisdom is an important aspect of listening to and knowing what is best for how the body feels,  regardless of  the shoulds and what others say is best. Craniosacral therapist’s rely on listening to the body’s wisdom  to facilitate relief  to the tissues and the tensions. There is a conversation between the practitioner’s  hands and the area of the body they are connected with as they blend and meld with the fascia.  Healing occurs in stillness as the body reorganizes.  In stillness we release, settle, and heal. There is a re-connection to the self, expanding the possibilities in many ways. Clients also learn to listen and  feel connected with their body and what it needs. They learn to be a part of their own healing process, including connecting with intention, imagery and breathing.

Craniosacral therapy is wonderful for people who are sensitive.  The tissues are  nurtured and supported, which provides a safe space for them to let go.  As restrictions are released, fluids flow better, circulation to the area improves, there is more freedom of movement.  It is also  settling and relaxing to the whole nervous system.  Every day demands are handled easier.

Come to our next class on Healing Pain from the Inside Out 4/29/2017. Learn methods you can do at home to feel better when pain shows up.  Learn to connect with your inner wisdom. Come to Long Island Healing Arts and Learning Center 1:00-4:00 (631) 403-0554.

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