About Lisa

About Lisa Grondahl, OTR, CST, LMT

 About Lisa Grondahl, OTR, CST, LMTI am an Occupational Therapist who specializes in craniosacral therapy. I am a Holistic OT and a Pediatric OT, also licensed in massage.  I utilize a holistic approach that will re-balance your system physically,emotionally and spiritually, as indicated by your needs. During each session, I assess the tensions in your body to bring you optimal results for your situation. Each session is a clean slate.

Clients come to me after trying many other methods that haven’t given them the lasting relief they were hoping for. I understand completely, and have studied many methods to help me best help you and your individual needs. People are less stressed, anxious and/or distressed, and are more focused, energized, and present.

I feel passionate about craniosacral therapy, the foundation of my treatments, but also include other gentle methods of body work,  including: myofascial release,  lymphatic drainage and advanced manual therapy. I also use imagery and dialogue, as indicated and dictated by your body’s wisdom and needs.  For some, I offer short healing processes,  reflexology and/or  acupressure incorporated into the craniosacral session as indicated.  Sometimes distant healing is offered. Additionally, self healing practices are taught specific to one’s situation, when relevant.

I started my healing journey to help heal my own personal issues of  lack of confidence, anxiety and PTSD. I learned transcendental meditation over 25 years ago—my daily ritual, reiki energy work, and shortly after began craniosacral therapy training with the Upledger institute. I was hooked on craniosacral therapy  following my first session.   In ways I didn’t even realize at the time, this work was a turning point for me on a soul level.  The journey continues.

Following the events of 9/11 I assisted in an intensive program in New York city, where the best of the best craniosacral therapists came to New York to help, using cranisoacral therapy as the approach. I assisted every day that week.  The healing that went on that week was profound and inspiring beyond words. Whatever those gifted craniosacral therapists were doing… I became determined to learn even moreso.   I became certified in craniosacral therapy in 2010.  Newer  additions  for my clients is certification from the Holistic Coaching Academy, an amazing transformational process,  and distant healing.

Craniosacral therapy profoundly changed my work and my world. Aside from witnessing profound changes in my clients, my own journey transformed. Within that, I am confident that the methods that have helped me, will help you too.

If you find yourself struggling with anxiety, overwhelm, lack of confidence, difficulty focusing, or maybe from an emotional situation that has caused you sadness, depression, overthinking and lack of concentration… I have been there too. You don’t have to stay stuck… transformation is your next step.

I currently offer Craniosacral Therapy (CST),  advanced manual therapy, and healing as well as pediatric & holistic occupational therapy in Suffolk County, NY.  I love to learn, and my clients are my greatest inspiration to keep learning. I feel blessed to have studied with amazing teachers who continue to support my ongoing journey. Combining my traditional O.T. background with holistic health, integrative bodywork and healing, I am excited to offer gentle and non-invasive methods that will help you feel better and function better on all levels. You will be able to participate in your own healing, with your inner wisdom guiding you to improved health, balance, and peace…


Licensed Occupational Therapy: Graduated 1986 from New York University: Member of AOTA, NBCOT

Certified Craniosacral Therapist: Upledger Institute: 2010: Member of IAHP

Licensed Massage Therapist: New York College of Health Professions: 2012

Nationally Certified in massage therapy and bodywork: NCBTMB

Certified in Neurodevelopmental Therapy: Pediatrics 1992-93 (8 week training)

Certified inTAMO (Tscharnuter Adademie for Movement Organization) therapeutic handling methods for children, to improve quality of movement and postural organization: Aug. 10-28, 1998; Advanced- August 10-13, 1999

Certified in Reflexology- Shen Dao Institute, May  2014

Certified in Holistic Coaching—Holistic Coach Academy, January-August 2015

Continuing Education that has influenced my work most

Craniosacral therapy 1 and 2, SER 1 and 2; Pediatrics 1 and 2

Advanced Craniosacral therapy; clinical applications, CST for immune system, Unwinding Meridians: applying acupuncture principals to Craniosacral Therapy

Heart Centered Therapy 1,2 & 3: Alaya Chikly

Brain Curriculum developed by Bruno Chikly: 1, 2 & 3

Lymphatic Drainage 1 & 2: Chikly Health Institute

Strengthening the immune system for cancer and chronically ill: 2007 & 2009—Robert Jokel & Larry LeShan,
2013—Robert Jokel

Asian Bodywork 1, 2 & 3: New York College for Health Professions

Brain Gym and Brain Gym for Pediatrics

Reiki 1 and Reiki 2: NYC and Huntington NY

Credentials for Lisa Grondahl