Client Testimonials

“I came to Lisa with an old injury. I have what was diagnosed as a compression fracture in C2 and C3 from hitting my head when I was 12 years old in a diving accident. What happened in my first session with Lisa was remarkable and freeing. Old, entrenched holding patterns were released across my back and neck and into my jaw and skull.”

“Lisa has a subtle, intelligent presence and touch. She listens to what your body needs at that moment and feeds it the necessary attention and energy so it can do or undo whatever is required in the moment, when real healing is done. By my 3rd session we were undoing some of the original spinal pain and its tensions in the tissues and spinal column. In the original accident I had done damage so much more than to my neck. The whole right side of my body was suffering under the constant pressure of muscular compensations and deep fearful holding patterns. Not only was my constant headache that i had come in with relieved by the 3rd session, but decades old pain patterns were alleviated. My body feels more whole and at ease. I have been working with Lisa for over a year now. I continue to be amazed by the depth of this work.”

Bob Bradley
Northport NY
Alexander Teacher

“From my first session, I knew I was in the right place. My body became calm. i felt totally supported, and in this deep relaxed place I was able to heal an old physical injury as well as emotional traumas. My sessions with Lisa have helped me release so much more than pain. There is a sense of deep relaxation and a feeling of coming home into my body. A sense of security that allows me to think more clearly and experience my life with more openness and optimism. Lisa has guided me on a journey and a homecoming to myself. When the session is done I feel in peace. I smile. From that place of calm, everything is manageable.”

S Cohen
Piermont NY