Is This You?

Is this you?

Is this youYou’ve tried traditional methods such as doctors, physical therapy, chiropractors and massage…yet you continue to have pain and/or emotional unrest on a regular basis.

You’re highly sensitive to invasive methods of bodywork, rehabilitation and wellness…You know your condition and your discomfort needs support, but your experiences have left you feeling uncomfortable, frustrated and unheard

You are physically and emotionally sensitive—you find yourself short tempered and restless, out of sorts, not yourself.

You are physically exhausted and frustrated…. you can’t focus

You feel emotionally out of balance, depressed,  overall stuck…This has affected your relationships, your job performance, your well being…


Craniosacral therapy may be just what you are looking for if:

You are ready to make your health and your own self care a priority. Because you know when you put your oxygen mask on first everyone benefits.

You realize that taking care of yourself, will help you feel focused, energized and at ease. And that enhances everything you do.

You realize that you’re ready to be an empowering part of your own healing.

You are tired of feeling uncomfortable, exhausted, not yourself. And you’re ready to work hand-in-hand with someone who understands where you are coming from and is here fully for you… to support your healing and self care process.